About us

Our predecessors started manufacturing tents and tarpaulin more than 50 years ago in Tab. The “Tabi Kempingcikk Vállalat” was formed in 1964, which was privatized after the fall of communism, and has been operating continuously through several transformations ever since.

The production profile has changed significantly throughout the decades, following the demands of the market. Until the end of the 1980s, camping tents were the main products on the market. Many of us can still remember the campsites at the Lake Balaton with the colourful masses of tents, which were, for the most part, produced in Tab. The change of the political regime also meant changes in the market: Camping lost its allure, so we needed to find new markets. That is when our company started working in refugee care, co-operating with the International Committee of the Red Cross and UNICEF, among others. But the production of refugee care supplies gradually transferred to the Far East after the 1999 earthquake in Turkey.

In the 2000s, our company turned once again towards the European markets, making tents and camp beds primarily for the German and Belgian market, less for refugee care now and more markedly for children’s camping arranged by different European church and scout organizations.

Today, in co-operation with a Dutch company, we produce once again for the European camping market, namely luxury tents for the top segment of the market, keeping the traditional scout and refugee tent production line as well.



Tent rentals

Rent tents for family, company, or municipal events. For the available tents for rent, please inquire by e-mail or phone.

Mending tents, tarpaulins

We mend tents, tarpaulins, vehicle canvases. Contact us by phone, send us photos and dimensions by e-mail, or find us in person. With our several decades of experience, we help find you the most suitable solution.

Custom-made tarpaulins

Tarpaulins for the roof and sides of gardens and terraces, boat covers, custom made shades, covers for garden furniture, and everything else that can be made from vinyl or canvas.





Luxury tents

We are proud tent suppliers of the Dutch company, YALA luxury canvas lodges, a leader on theglamping market. Glamping – camping in a luxury environment – has spread all over Europe in the course of a few years, and today, there are several thousand such tents in the campsites of Western and Southern Europe.

If you are interested in glamping, click on the link, and take a look at how those Europeansspend their holidays who like camping but expect a four-star accommodation.

If you are interested in setting up luxury tents, please contact YALA luxury canvas lodges onthe link below.







Contact/Purchasing information


8660 Tab, Munkás u. 30.
tel: +36 84 525 170
e-mail: info@adltent.hu
tax number: 23294749-2-14

Opening Hours


7 a.m.-15 p.m.